Expert fee collection services for Lawyers, Adjusters and Surveyors

The nature of the London Market structure creates invoice payment challenges for underwriters appointed experts. We have seen some experts become reluctant to work for the London market due to the traditional payment delays.

Underwriters are also acutely aware of the importance of timely payment to their experts and are regularly instructing us to collect invoices on their behalf.

We were the first to identify the need for an independent company to assist experts with navigating their way through the market and obtain swift invoice settlement.

We have created innovative methods by which experts can be paid quicker from the market. With our in-depth market knowledge and contacts, our involvement greatly improves the speed of collection and reduces the experts’ exposure to bad debt.

Most experts’ London market invoice debtor days are in excess of 180 days. Our clients’ Lloyd’s collections are usually paid within 14 days, other markets settlements average 30 days.

We handle collections for individual experts and multinational corporations, in all of the insurance market disciplines, from underwriters wherever they are based.

Our remuneration is contingent; i.e. if you don’t get paid then neither do we.

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The types of invoice we collect are as follows:

  • Coverage and underwriter appointed instructions
  • Defense instructions
  • Escrows/ expense funds
  • Old and contentious debt.