The latest service from Unique; the “one stop shop” for underwriters for their fee collection needs…

As a leader, how much time do you spend handling fees? If the placement is not 100% one market, then it can be onerous to collect. Add numerous experts on a case, multiple policies, worldwide markets, managing reserves, it can turn into an administrative nightmare.

Unique has the solution.

We offer a full market collection service. We collect from all underwriters however/ wherever they participate.

For a collection charge per policy, we will record the invoice, identify the market and collect the experts invoice from all participants. We will liaise with the expert, so they know what’s happened to their invoice and provide underwriters with valuable management information.

The benefits:

  • Full, accelerated collection of the experts invoice
  • Reduced admin time for underwriters.
  • Transparent, fixed fee from the outset, with economies of scale for multiple invoices per collection.
  • Collection fee spread proportionately across underwriters.
  • Collection fee can form part of your recovery from your reinsurers.
  • Tracked collections – Experts and underwriters fully informed.

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