Expert Fee Collection.

All Underwriters want their experts to be paid promptly. However as most of the Lloyd’s brokers have moved away from collecting fees, this has left a gap. The usual market processing centre does not provide the complete collection service required leaving experts with shortfalls on their invoices. In addition there is no easy method for either the expert or the underwriter to check the collection status of an invoice.

We provide underwriters with a “one stop shop” service, See Unique One. We collect from all underwriters on the slip, be they Lloyd’s, ILU, Lirma or overseas. Our transparent charge to underwriters is split proportionately across each underwriter enabling them to collect the charges from their reinsurers where applicable.

Our presentation is usually via the ECF system, but we do collect via traditional paper files if necessary.

All collections are recorded and their status of collection can be determined at any time by either party.

We also provide underwriters with valuable management information where necessary.

We process individual policy invoices through to major programmes requiring apportionments over many policies.

Indemnity Claim Collection.

We are regularly instructed by underwriters to collect significant indemnity claims where the original placing broker is no longer involved or conflicted. We liaise fully with both parties and ensure that time sensitive settlements are completed within the required deadline.

It is a measure of the markets confidence and trust in Unique, that they charge us with processing many millions of dollars on their behalf each year.

We are proud to be so trusted.


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